The Steps I Took to Become a Digital Artist

The Steps I Took to Become a Digital Artist

In this post I'll share with you, how I made digital painting into my fulltime profession. 

👩🏻‍🎨 From the age of 11-15 I went to an art class once a week. What started with just a nice to pass time, turned into a full blown obession the day I got a photoshop assignment. I discovered that there were so many ways to create art, and I was mind blown by all the different tools and effects that could be archived digitally.

💻 Until that point, I never really drew or painted anything in my spare time (apart from when I was in that class). But once I got a digital drawing program on my computer, I painted on a daily basis. I started out with a computer mouse which resulted in me having many handcramps. When learning about drawing tablets, it was on top of my wishlist and the moment I opened up that present, was one of the best days of my life!

✍️ For a long time I wanted to become a graphic designer, because I thought I wasn’t good enough at drawing, to become an illustrating artist. I also didn’t believe that there were enough jobs for illustrating artist, so I never really thought it was in my cards.

📚 I also believed that if I would ever earn money with being creative, then I would need an education beforehand and be hired by a company. I didn’t realize that in many creative fields a good portfolio can speak for itself!

💸 Once I learned that it was possible to become a freelancer, I started making actual plans and took courses. After a year of preparation I opened up for commission projects and started my instagram page. And as they say the rest is history!

If you are reading this and you are also hoping to pursue your dream what ever it is, I hope this post has helped you understand how one thing can lead to another. Try to take everything one step at a time and find a way that works for you!
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