About Tanja B. 🐝

My Name is Tanja B. and welcome to my artistry! Here I get to express my joy for nature, freedom, and exploring, but when I paint I also like to include themes of magic, mysticism, and self-improvement. My goal is to motivate and encourage you to put your own mental wellbeing first and follow your dreams, however small or big they are!

I create each piece digitally using my iPad and Macbook. I use the programs Procreate and Photoshop for each of my pieces. I like to be very experimental when using these tools, working sometimes many hours to full end a piece.

I have always been an artist, but 5 years ago I turned my hobby into a full-time profession. To keep up with my latest work, feel free to follow me on Instagram @TanjaB.Artistry, where I post new art, process videos, time-lapses, and more. If you'd like to work with me, tap on this link.

The Artistry

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Client Portfolio

Since I made art my full-time profession over 5 years ago, I have worked on hundreds of projects. From simple line-work logos, colourful detailed artworks and everything in-between. These works have been used for social media logos, tattoos, merch, wallart, puzzles, festival posters, album covers, labels, stickers, books and much more...