A Place Called Home

A Place Called Home

Finding a place to call home is not that easy when you are used to the freedom of going from one place to the next. but after our little wakeup call, the question we had wondered about for many years, finally needed a definite answer. “Where will we settle down?” First and foremost we knew we had to keep our wandering spirits satisfied.  Our surroundings would have to be exciting, so that we could keep going on adventures. Basically we had to pick a place with an epic backyard.

One thing was certain: we wanted to live in Germany. It made sense to us, because we had lived many years as travelers and foreigners in other countries, and we really wanted to feel at home. What was more difficult was narrowing down the area. We both grew up in the German-Danish border area, which has fjords, many small Islands and a long shoreline. Sadly the landscape here is super flat, so flat, it would even be a stretch calling the higher points hills! Through our adventures our love for the outdoors grew and the mountains kept calling. That’s why we sought that perfect balance between water and mountains.

Well there is only really one place that serves both mountains and ocean-vibes and that is Lake Constance. Nestled between 3 countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland and situated just at the edge of the Alps, near the Black Forest, this massive gorgeous lake always reserved a special place in our hearts. So when our thoughts arrived at this place - we knew we had found our final destination.

Fast forward a year and we live in a little town called Radolfzell, situated at the lake, surrounded by old volcanos. The area offers countless hikes and cycle routes, diverse flora and fauna, rich culture and interesting history. And if we want even bigger adventures we only have to drive a couple of hours to explore the Alps, Dolomites, and the Mediterranean Sea. Yup, we have certainly found our personal paradise and we are so happy that we can call it our home

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