Soundproofing our Van

Soundproofing our Van

A friend recommended us adding noise canceling mats onto the inner side of the body. It takes out the vibrations of the large metal surfaces and is easily applied because it’s adhesive.

Before we bought Blue, it was used as a delivery van for a medical supply store. We had checked out a few other vans that had been used for construction companies and parcel delivery services, but we decided to spend the extra buck to avoid dents, scratches and other flaws.

What all of these vans usually have in common, is that they don't have any kind of noise cancellation added to the body. It’s just not necessary for the purpose of being a work/delivery van 🚐

But when it rains, it sounds like you are inside of a giant tin can. In Elefriend (our current van) we don’t sleep very well when it rains because it so loud, so we wanted to make sure to avoid this in Blue. 

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