Our Van Plan

Our Van Plan

Ever since discovering the vanlife movement on instagram, we have been infatuated with the idea of building our own tiny home on wheels. We started gathering ideas and inspiration and saved these as bookmarks. Due to our financial situation we thought it would still take a handful of years before we could actually get to the point to start a conversion. Nonetheless the topic of how we would plan a layout came up almost every single day.

One day the topic lingered for a longer time and curiosity got the better of us. We started browsing the internet for used vans. Scrolling through page after page, we started realizing that we shouldn't keep postponing our van life dream. We were not completely sure about how we could finance it, but our gut feeling told us we would make it work in one way or another. We made a decision then and there, that now was the time to make it happen. 

It took a little while to find the perfect van, but when we found Navi, that same gut feeling told us that we had found the one. 48 hours later she was parked up in the driveway and Tanja got working on a 3d van layout. 

Here are our goals for our build:
- Static bed in the back
- Long top loader cabinet that also serves as a bed table
- Office nook to achieve a good working space
- L-shaped kitchen with lots of storage
- Seating bench with pullout extension (containing toilet)

We are so stoked to turn this plan into a reality and can’t wait to move in!

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