Meet Goldie Box

Meet Goldie Box


You might ask... First of all, she has a name, it’s Goldie Box, in short Goldie!

We have not only named our van, but we also like to give names to other useful things like our electric neck massager Phoebe and our solar setup which we call Traute.⠀

But to answer your burning question Goldie holds tools, an extra canister of fuel, clothes for warmer weather, art supplies and other things we don’t need on a regular basis. All of this stuff was in our van before and meant that every cupboard was filled to the brim.⠀

It’s safe to say that Goldie came into our lives when we needed her most. We had begun to be quite fed up with trying to catch stuff, when it flew out of the cupboards that we opened, even more so when we failed.

Goldie Box, is the best box we could hope for in any way. Rusty, yellow, dented and a traveler at heart. She has been on journeys across the globe since the 70’s and now it’s our turn to show her the world! 💛

Hold on tight Goldie, it’s going to be one hell of a ride! ✨

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