I am the Passenger

I am the Passenger

I am the passenger⠀
I stay under glass⠀
I look through my window so bright⠀
I see the stars come out tonight⠀
I see the bright and hollow sky⠀
Over the city's ripped-back sky⠀
And everything looks good tonight // Lyrics by Iggy Pop⠀

For more than 99.99% of the time that we have had our van I have been the passenger. There have been many reasons that I chose not to be behind the steering wheel, the biggest being that I often struggle with tenosynovitis. Another reason has been my lack of driving practise after I got my liscense. But it honestly doesn’t bother me, because Lenny is a terrific driver and it doesn’t bother him either. I always keep an eye out on traffic while we are on the road, especially here in the UK, where we are driving on opposites sides. ⠀

Non the less I do want to start driving again, because it would be good in case of emergencies. But I am not letting anyone rush me or shame me, and will take it at my own pace 🚐 

Much love

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