Transforming the Interior

Transforming the Interior

When we bought the van back in 2013, I was very stubborn about our interior. Everything had to stay as original as possible, even the horrible plastic handles of the cupboards which kept breaking.

Once we decided to move into Elefriend full time, Tanja insisted on making changes. The first thing we did was papering and painting the cabinets and switching the handles into wood. Then we added cupboard magnets, butones we bought were too powerful, which made it hard to open the cabinets. We of course first realized this after having fitted all of them. After telling Lenny’s parents about it, they told us to add strips of tape on one of the magnets. And this luckily did the trick!!!

We then decided to upholster the couch, so we went into a small fabric shop in Flensburg, and found this caramel brown fabric. We instantly knew that it was perfect. It looks like leather, but feels nothing like it, since it is quite smooth, yet it is very durable.

Our old Interieur

This is how it looked before

Tanja added some neat little touches of astronomy, including star dotted curtains (we just used our existing curtains and added gold textile paint) and a golden sun on the inside of the pop top tent. And she also painted the wood platter of the bench and created these abstract triangular shapes. 

Last thing we did was changing the tabletop into a wooden one, and spray painted a few elements in copper. 

And that's it! It didn't take long to make all these changes and they cost below $300 Now we feel at home wherever we go!

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