Have you Ever Heard About House Sitting?

Have you Ever Heard About House Sitting?


If not let us quickly fill you in:

Through different housesit platforms you can find listings of people that are going on a trip and need a sitter to take care of their house and pet/s.⠀


Chilling with Heidi in Leeds

Doing housesits is one of our favorite digital nomad hacks!
Not only do you get certain luxuries, that you just don’t have in a van, like running hot water, continuous WiFi, a dishwasher and more space, you also get to spend time and cuddle furry friends! 🐱 🐶

Felix from Cirencester

We have been on the Trusted House sitters platform for a couple of months now and have in that time taken care of 5 cats and 2 dogs in total. So actually we have spent most of our time in the UK at housesits, but we had a week or more time in between sits to explore in our van. It has been the perfect solution to get a lot of work done and because of that we can imagine doing more of these in the future, but might have to join other housesitting platforms as well to find more European listings 🏡 

⠀Tanja and Gary in London

For now we don’t have any sits planned for the next few weeks and are already missing having pets around. We hope to find a longer house sit for the winter, so that we can get work done and save money for new adventures..


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