Handmade Vanbuild Beautiful Sprinter Van Conversion

Too Hot to Handle!

Would you believe us if we said we spent at least 10 hours searching all realms of the internet in an attempt to find the perfect handles for our kitchen? Well that we did, and in the end our quest proved to be fruitless. And thus we took matters into our own hands.


First off we decided that each handle should have its own size that would match the size of the cabinet it would be fitted on. We found some nice precut wood pieces at our local hardware store, one of them having a rounded side. After measuring and cutting the different pieces we glued the three layers together. Then we sanded them down and spray painted them with a rust effect.

Home Made Handles For Sprinter Van Conversion

The last thing that had to be done was to drill holes in the right places (easier said than done) and screw them into place. 


We are super happy with the result, it turned out so much better than what we had hoped for and only ended up paying around 20$ for materials.


So that's another project done! The days of breaking our fingernails trying to open the cabinets are finally over. Now we can get a handle on some more diy projects, like building a magazine rack and some tiny shelves.


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