Creativity is a Process

Creativity is a Process

Living in a van and creating art for a living. Sounds simple, yet sometimes I get too much into my head!! 

Lately I’ve been focusing on fine tuning my art style. For a long time I thought that adopting one style would restrict me and I didn’t like the thought of being bound by one creative language. But having an endless amount of options, left me feeling lost in the creative process.

With almost each concept idea that I worked on, I got to a point where I became confused and my techniques turned sloppy. This led to working far longer on each piece, because I didn’t have a basic working structure to stick to. Over and over I kept doing this same mistake, which eventually left me feeling uninspired and creatively drained.

But now that I have established a language, I feel a surge of energy and ideas! Here are just a few of the projects I have been working on lately. For the first time since a long time I feel happy about the things that I am creating and I remember again why I chose to turn this into my profession.

I hope you like my works! 🌈✨ you can find my art on instagram @tanjab.artistry

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