HP Trainspotting

HP Trainspotting

This was one of the highlights of our time here in the UK. 
The fact that we managed to get here in time was a miracle and an adventure of its own!

Despite common belief this train does not depart at 12:00 am from platform 9 3/4 in London, it departs at 10:15 am from a place called Fort William. At 10:15 we were still miles away from Fort William, and we still had to drive 20 minutes, find a parking spot AND do a little hike, to get the incredible view we had seen in photos 🚂

This meant, that we chose to drive the speed limit, and overtook another driver, which might not sound special, but in our case it is!
When we arrived at the parking lot, it was completely full and we had to quickly find a solution and at least 5 other cars were hoping to find a spot as well. We all acted like maniacs, including ourselves, but being massive HP-fans we didn't want to miss this for the world! 🧙🏻‍♀️

We found a place at the side of the road, which wasn’t officially a parking spot, but we were willing to risk it! We now still had to complete the 10 minute hike to find a good viewpoint (which we ran for most of the way) and we then joined the 100 other people on a hill that overlooked the viaduct. Lenny was still climbing the hill, when I spotted the steam, and just then the train came around the corner and that's when we witnessed one of the most magical scenes ever ✨

It’s safe to say I teared up and was enchanted for a good half hour after witnessing this!

Much love

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