A Vanlife Nightmare

A Vanlife Nightmare

When you get stuck in mud and a whole school class has to push you out. Yup that happened a few weeks back. We had stayed at this forested spot for a night but didn’t notice how soft and muddy the ground was. Having arrived in the evening we were oblivious to this fact, and only noticed when we opened the door next morning. The thought that we might get stuck dawned on us right then and there and sure enough, when we turned the key and hit gas, we were not moving out of place.

With every turn of the wheels we dug ourselves deeper into the mud. We were well aware of that this would happen, so early on we gathered up twigs, stones and anything else we could find to get some friction. But nothing worked.

Thats when panic hit us and Tanja thought she could maybe push the van. A few forceful attempts and one wrong posture later, Tanja screamed in agony. She had torn her meniscus and we had effectively made the situation even worse.

But then the universe decided to cut us some slack, because along came a school teacher that was eager to help. He offered that his students could come and push the van and also called a local farmer to help tow us out. In the end that turned out to be the exact right combination to get us out of that sticky situation.

Apart from being muddy inside out, Navi recovered really fast. Tanja is still healing from that whole spectacle, but is slowly getting back to normal!

I guess kids, the lesson is, even if you got flashy looking BF Goodrich tires, you are not immune to get stuck. But the even bigger lesson is, that you can always count on the help of a kind school teacher!
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