Who We Are

We are Tanja and Lenny and we go by the name of the Breakawayers. We like to create products that empower, motivate, uplift and inspire people to go live their best lives. Since 2012 we have been breaking away: That's what we call it when we escape the mundane routine and go out into the world to find adventure and make new memories. For 10 years we lived nomadically and worked odd jobs to save up for backpacking trips or to fuel our vanlife. We got to see many beautiful places, learn about different cultures and made friends from all around the world. These days we live a more stationary life, but we still keep breaking away from the everyday whenever we can. Our motto is "Seek & Revel" and it is also the name of our business, which we have been gradually building since 2019. We started out by selling a handful of Tanja's artworks inspired by our travels as stickers. Now our products cover anything from personal growth to world peace.

"My style is groovy, whimsical, witchy and trippy. No matter what I create I aim to inspire people to pursue their own dreams and motivate them, to prioritise their own happiness and wellbeing, so that they can be the best version of themselves. I often depict nature themes and camping scenes, because spending time in the great outdoors can have many positive effects on our well being. And as we all know having a good mindset can help us perceive our life and the world in a more appreciative way! " - Tanja

Hopefully our products can help motivate you to break away too and live a life that is both wild and free! We truly appreciate every order, as this helps our adventures going and inspiration flowing :)

 Tanja & Lenny //  TheBreakawayers