Feature Guidelines

1. Use hashtag & Tag us
As of now we only feature breakawayers with instagram accounts, which are using the platform to share their lifestyle photos. But we are planning to also feature non-instagram users - so if you wish to have your tale shared on our social platforms, please bear with us, it will be possible soon! 🙂

In order for us to discover your instagram content and to know that you would like a feature, use the hashtags #breakawaytales #breakawaydiaries and tag us in your posts.

We will write you a direct message, when we can see that your content might be of our interest and when the time is right. Keep in mind, that we plan our content, and want to give our followers a good diversity in tales and harmonious tones in the diaries. So we might not reach out to you immediately, but if your content adheres to the following guidelines, we will get back to you!
2. How we choose our content
We choose our content based on these criteria:
Diaries: Visually striking photos that show break away lifestyles
Tales: 3 photos that combined with a text tells your personal story.

Tales always consist of these 3 posts:
1. A portrait of the breakawayer/s
     + Copied Bio from your instagram page
2. A photo of the nomadic, tiny or offgrid home/vehicle
     + Your tale
3. A scene from the daily life
     + Copied caption your post

Photo Guidelines
We aim for a clean page look, so the three photos should preferably follow these guidelines:
All three should:
✔ have matching tones/colors.
✔ Good, clean composition
✔ Interesting content
All three should not:
✘ Black/white and Sephia
✘ grainy, blurry, distorted
✘ frames, type, or other added objects
✘ Highly manipulated
3. Send us your tale
When we would like to feature you, we will write you a DM. Once you have received our message and instructions, we will wait for you to send us your tale.

The tale is used for the caption of the second post. It’s up to you how you want to tell your story, but the more specific the better. A minimum of 200 words are required, but it can't be longer than 2000 characters. Emojis are allowed - if there are too many we will need to delete some.
If we should discover any mistakes in spelling etc. we will correct them, however we would appreciate it if you put the text through a spellcheck, before sending it to us. Once we have everything we need, it can take from 1 day until a few weeks before the feature.
4. When your tale gets published
Once we have shared your post we will make a 3-part story and notify you in an DM. We will also post your tale on our facebook page and group and it will also be published here on our website.
To help us make your tale reach as many as possible, it would be great if you could mention us and the feature in your stories. 

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