Ready - Pack - GO!!!

Ready - Pack - GO!!!

For the past months our full schedule has kept us busy. We have been juggling working on our business, bookkeeping, sending out orders, working on commissions and finishing the vanbuild. That’s a lot of balls in the air, and we often found ourselves loosing track of time. So much so, that we kept postponing when we would actually hit the road. But with the arrival of summer we kinda have this feeling "It is now or never", so we are now packing the last things.

It’s crazy how much stuff can fit into a van, and as we are loading a lot stuff into the spacious compartments, we realise we have become maximalist minimalists. Boardgames, badminton, workout equipment, a ton of notebooks, kitchen equipment ranging from high speed blender to our trusty crockpot. We are even bringing along all kinds of tools and paints, to keep working on the van. Also Urkel the Ukulele is with us again, and so are Tanja’s new noise canceling headphones, so this time around purple Urkel won’t just be a waste of space!

As we are about to set off, we don't have a real plan where to go, but we do know we want to explore our own country a bit more. On all of our other road road trips we immediately headed to the neighbouring countries. One of the reasons for this was, that we just didn’t think there was much, that we wanted to see in Germany. But via social media our eyes have been opened to see that there is so much to discover than we had thought. Now we keep adding new places to the list, that we want to visit. Plus with Corona going around, we still need to get our vaccines, before we head into the rest of Europe, so this time seems as good as any to explore Germany.

Once we are ready with playing  this game of real life Tetris, we are finally off! DEUTSCHLAND here we come!

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